dentist performing an oral cancer screeningOral cancer is a condition that can affect you whenever you least expect it. It has the ability to destroy your life if it is not tended to immediately. Unfortunately, some people will not take notice of oral cancer signs. Lovett Dental Sugar Land is here to provide some information on oral cancer screening in Sugar Land, TX, and how it can save your life.

Do I Need Oral Cancer Screening?

The point of a Sugar Land, TX, oral cancer screening to find out whether or not you have oral cancer. There are lesions in the mouth that will help your dentist detect whether or not cancer is beginning to form. However, cancer screening does not guarantee a successful cancer treatment. The entire benefit of a cancer screening is to detect this disease before it has a chance to harm you. Your chances of survival increase exponentially if you are able to detect it sooner than later.

There are carcinogens in places that you would lead expect. However, there are many known carcinogens existing in various vices that can harm your health. Some of these include heavy tobacco usage, alcohol consumption, too much sun exposure and a family history of oral cancer.

It is highly recommended that you drink and smoke in moderation. However, you are still running the risk of developing cancer any time you smoke or drink. Limit your time outside without proper sun protection to prohibit cancer cells from developing.

What to Expect During an Oral Cancer Screening

Individuals are often unaware of what happens during a cancer screening test. Fortunately, Lovett Dental Sugar Land has some information for you that will help bring to light what you can expect.

First, an oral cancer screening dentist will look for red and white sores inside of your mouth. This will help them determine whether or not there is some kind of cancer developing inside of your mouth. They will use a cancer-screening dye to detect cancer. A light will then allow you oral cancer screening dentists to look more accurately inside of your mouth.

What to Expect After an Oral Cancer Screening

Your oral cancer screening dentist will then determine the next course of action if there are any signs of cancer. You will have a follow-up visit with your dentist here at Lovett Dental Sugar Land at your convenience. A biopsy will get a sample of the cells inside of your mouth. There will be a couple of options that you can consider whenever you need the biopsy done. Our team of dental experts will be able to walk you through the entire process.

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Cancer has the ability to destroy lives. Fortunately, there are dozens of Lovett Dental locations in the area that are ready to provide you with an oral cancer screening. The team of dental professionals at Lovett Dental Sugar Land is here to assist you should signs of cancer arrive. Schedule an appointment with us, and our team will be ready to assist you.

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