Orthodontics is the preferred way of treating a wide range of teeth misalignment issues. The technology we use to straighten teeth and correct other issues continues to improve. At Lovett Dental Sugar Land, you can take comfort knowing that we only use the latest methods and technology to straighten teeth. The services we provide are just the start of what we can do for you and your entire family in Southwest Houston.

At Lovett Dental Sugar Land, we ensure that our patients have the smiles they desire. Our cosmetic dental services are only a part of the treatments we offer. As a full-service dental practice, we also provide general and specialty dental services. To learn more about our services, please contact Lovett Dental Sugar Land today at 281-759-5900.

What Are Orthodontics?man gets new orthodontics

The purpose of orthodontics is to improve your smile. This is done through a series of treatments and visits to your orthodontist. They may use aligners, retainers, and braces to get your teeth where they need to be in your mouth. Some of the issues that can be treated include:

  • Teeth that are too close together.
  • Removal of gaps between teeth.
  • Straightening of crooked teeth.
  • Fixing overbites and underbites.
  • Bring teeth together that should make a connection.
  • Treatment of TMJ (temporomandibular joint)

These issues and more can show up in patients of all ages. Orthodontic treatment can start early in a child’s life. This enables the orthodontist to help the child’s teeth come into their mouths straight and healthy.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Having a healthy smile gives you confidence. You are more apt to engage in social activity or go for that goal you have long sought to achieve. Self-awareness can be a powerful ally or, it can be one’s worst enemy. Orthodontic services are very important and help aid in having healthy confidence. Consider these benefits of orthodontics:

  • You can take pride in your smile with straight teeth. With each tooth straight and placed right where it needs to be, you will find yourself smiling more and having confidence that you never knew you had.
  • Taking care of your teeth has never been easier. When all of your teeth are positioned just right, taking care of them is easy. You will be able to get into a routine of brushing and flossing better. This leads to reduced tooth decay and other dental issues.
  • Better teeth mean a better diet for you. Teeth that are not aligned the way they should be can lead to you avoiding certain foods. Hard but healthy foods will not be in your diet because they hurt your mouth to eat. So, you may find yourself heading to softer junk foods.

If you’re ready to see straighter teeth for yourself or your child, please reach out to Lovett Dental Sugar Land today.

What Other Services Are Available at Lovett Dental Sugar Land?

At Lovett Dental Sugar Land, we take great pride in helping our patients with their smiles. We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of your entire family.

No matter what dental need you have, Lovett Dental Sugar Land can help. If you’re ready to improve your smile, please contact Lovett Dental Sugar Land today.

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We also have a variety of services that we offer to our patients. We work with:

There is no reason for you to have to take your family to multiple offices for dental care. All of us at Lovett Dental Sugar Land love the fact that you can get all the care and services you need under one roof. We want to make your life easy and your smile great. If you have any questions or need that should be taken care of immediately, please contact us today at 281-759-5900, or contact us online. Let us work with helping you build your confidence up to where you need it to be.