A routine dental exam is a necessary, preventative process to ensure dental health is maintained. It is best to schedule a dental exam at least once every six months for a checkup and discuss any oral health concerns. A more extensive dental examination may be necessary when there are treatment needs. We can also help you determine whether you need cosmetic or restorative dental procedures. At Lovett Dental Sugar Land in Texas, we offer comprehensive dental exams to meet most of your needs. To schedule your appointment, contact our team today at 281-759-5900.

What Happens in a Standard Dental Exam?

woman gets a dental exam

Dental inspection in clinic

A routine dental exam allows a dentist to ensure all dental structures and the mouth itself is healthy. This treatment is a type of preventative step towards maintaining health. A simple checkup like this only takes a few minutes. It provides a significant amount of info to help dentists minimize risks for decay, infection, gum disease, and general oral health.

During these dental exams, the dental provider will perform a series of steps, which may include:

  • Dental x-rays of the teeth and bone structure
  • A visual dental exam of all soft tissues and the teeth
  • An oral cancer screening
  • A general dental cleaning
  • Patient education for any concerns present

This is an excellent time to ask questions. Discuss how to improve oral health or tackle concerns with pain or discomfort. During a routine dental exam, there’s ample time to discuss any needs.

A More Extensive Dental Examination

There are times when it’s necessary to take a closer look at dental health. These types of dental exams take a bit longer but often have a specific purpose. This includes:

Cosmetic Procedure Dental Exam: This type of dental exam looks specifically at the health of the teeth and gums. This helps ensure the client chooses the proper procedure for his or her cosmetic improvement. This may include the best type of teen whitening application or whether the teeth are healthy enough for dental veneers.

Restorative Dentistry Dental Exams: For those with missing teeth or gaps, restorative dentistry often significantly improves this, improving functionality and appearance. During this type of dental exam, the dentist is considering all available solutions and how well they fit. There may also be the need to tackle infections or decay before those procedures can get started.

Oral Surgery Dental Exams: For those thinking about permanent dentures or dental implants, an oral surgery exam is a bit more extensive. It’s looking at the overall health of the tissues as well as the bone. Dentists may also need to consider risks to the surgery to overall health.

What If You Have Not Had a Dental Examination in a Long Time?

Sometimes people put off going to the dentist for one reason or another. Then, it seems awkward and worrisome to come in after that long stretch. It doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our team is ready to help you get your dental health care caught up. We also support those who need a dental exam as an emergency due to damage to a tooth or pain. We’re here to help with those needs as well. Are you unsure of what type of dental exam is best? The only step necessary is to reach out to our dental care team to set up an appointment with us.

Call Lovett Dental Sugar Land

A dental exam is an opportunity to ensure healthy teeth. At Lovett Dental Sugar Land, we recommend a routine dental exam at least one time every six months. If you are considering cosmetic or restorative procedures, schedule dental exams in our Texas office right away. We’re here to help you maintain a beautiful smile. Call 281-759-5900 or reach out online for an appointment.